Tan Tock Seng Hospital


Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), established in 1844, is the second largest acute care general hospital in Singapore. The hospital is a member of the National Healthcare Group (NHG) and continues to provide high quality holistic health care services to the people of Singapore. This 1,200 bed hospital is equipped with state-of-the art facilities and medical equipment, as well as the latest communication and information technology tools. The Management Information Department (MID) provides management information services for the hospital. This makes it pivotal in generating relevant, accurate and timely insights to the hospital management. The department generates valuable insights that are applied in a wide variety of areas such as operations management, feasibility studies, strategic planning, policy development and service improvement. The department is also tasked with handling ad-hoc statistical enquiries and analysis.


As the department responsible for delivering important insights to aid management decisions, the challenge in ensuring timely generation and publication of statistical reports to internal and external authorities to fulfill statutory requirements is a great one. On top of these regular reports, the department also faces the challenge of having to process ad-hoc statistical reports and analysis to support various projects and studies.


To provide hospital management with useful insights, the MID uses decision trees to identify significant drivers or attributes that have a major impact on the factors being measured. For example, in a survey on patient satisfaction, an index that measured overall patient satisfation is monitored. Results of the periodic in-depth analysis of this survey is submitted to management, allowing them to prioritize between tasks and allocate hospital resources to handle the most urgent issues first. With this, the hospital effectively optimizes the use of its resources to improve patient satisfaction effectively. Further analysis is then conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures that have been implemented.Besides decision tree analysis, MID also conducts various statistical analysis using other SPSS modules to generate results quickly and effectively. This enables hospital management to make informed decisions regarding hospital beds, projection of hospital services and planning of various scenarios.


Using SPSS, the Management Information Department:

  • Increased the speed of analysis without compromising quality
  • Produces in-depth analysis using powerful techniques with ease
  • Present analysis results in an easily interpreted format

Increased the Speed of Analysis Without Compromising Quality With SPSS, the MID was able to reduce processing time by making processes easily repeatable for multiple population groups (e.g. inpatients, outpatients, patients who attended emergency department). These repeated processes allow for regular reports to be delivered on time with minimal hassle.
In-depth Analysis using Powerful Techniques with Ease The MID is able to conduct periodic in-depth analysis to find out which issues are critical, producing insights that enable hospital administration to act upon the most urgent matters first, ensuring the best results are achieved in a short span of time. These in-depth analyses can be conducted with ease as SPSS includes a variety of powerful statistical techniques while greatly reducing manual components of the analysis process.
Present Analysis Results in an Easily Interpreted Format Not only was the MID able to generate analysis results quickly, the results produced were presented in an easily interpreted manner. Results generated through classification trees could be easily understood by management, and time was saved on converting results in different charts and tables which had to be done previously.


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