Streamline operations, improve performance with the OnBase Integration for Colleague
Your principal solution for managing student data is your Colleague student information system (SIS). But when Colleague is isolated from your school’s other business systems and information sources, the manual, error-prone and labor-intensive processes that result bog down decision-making in your admissions, financial aid and registrar’s offices. 

Integrating Colleague with OnBase improves your efficiency. Student information travels easily and instantly between the two systems, essentially giving staff back the time they used to spend keying in data, looking for paper files and waiting for other staff to check their inboxes. OnBase delivers checklist and decision updates to Colleague and Colleague sends OnBase updated test scores or student demographic information in real time – the moment information enters or changes. Users instantly access accurate student data by simply clicking a button from within their Colleague interface. 

With the OnBase Integration for Colleague, you’ll streamline your operations, automating processes and improving your ability to quickly and efficiently process a student application, verify a financial aid package, evaluate a student transcript and more.

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