Enrollment Management

Eliminate time-intensive, manual processes that bog down staff and slow decision-making
Enrollment management staff have to process a great deal of information quickly. OnBase helps Admissions, Financial Aid, Advising and Registrar's offices streamline operations to accurately and efficiently keep review processes moving.

Admissions Processing and Review
OnBase streamlines admissions processing and review so decisions go out quickly to attract and enroll best-fit students before the competition

Graduate Admissions Processing and Review
OnBase allow staff to communicate with top graduate school applicants earlier in the season to secure talented, best-fit candidates before the competition

Financial Aid Processing and Review
With OnBase, institutions quickly process high volumes of applications without the added costs of staff overtime and temporary help

Transcript Capture and Transfer Course Evaluation
OnBase speeds transcript capture and credit evaluation tasks

Registrar Forms Processing
Meet student expectations for fast service, while alleviating staff burden and dependence on IT to create forms with OnBase enterprise content management (ECM)

Student Advising
OnBase provides staff thorough, accurate and fully updated student information for effective student advising

Student Onboarding
OnBase efficiently captures and completes applicant files so Admissions and Registrar staff spend more time on higher value, service-oriented activities such as student advising

Enterprise Content Management