IBM SPSS Direct Marketing

IBM® SPSS® Direct Marketing enables database and direct marketers to:

  • Identify which customers are likely to respond to specific promotional offers. 
  • Develop a marketing strategy for each customer group.
  • Compare the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns.
  • Boost profits and reduce costs by mailing only to those customers most likely to respond.
  • Identify by postal code, the responses to your campaigns.
  • Connect to to extract customer information, collect details on opportunites and perform analyses.
  • Choose from recency, frequency and monetary value(RFM) analysis, cluster analysis, prospect profiling, postal code analysis, propensity scoring and control package testing.

Opening dialog box
The module's opening dialog box offers six specifically chosen procedures to assist database and direct marketers with data preparation and analysis.
To better understand your contacts, choose from RFM analysis, clustering or prospect profiling. If you are ready to improve your existing campaigns, select from postal code response rate, propensity to purchase or control package test.



Recency-frequency-monetary (RFM) analysis
The RFM analysis technique helps identify existing customers who are most likely to respond to a new offer.