Loss Control Field Solution

Improve turnaround times, profitability and speed-to-market with the OnBase Loss Control Field Solution
By providing the ability to interact with critical information anywhere, anytime – whether connected to a network or not – the OnBase Loss Control Field Solution empowers mobile workers  to be more effective and efficient while in the field.

Once downloaded to the OnBase client (briefcase), forms or documents needed to make business decisions may easily be accessed by mobile loss control workers working on location. Additionally, once connected to the network, the evidence captured onsite, such as videos, voice recordings, diagrams, or signed documents, seamlessly upload to OnBase, where the information may be accessed from core applications or the business intelligence warehouse.

While in the field, Loss Control Inspectors complete loss survey forms, including diagramming, with the OnBase Loss Control Field Solution, capturing information about a structure, such as pictures or CAD documents to plot exits and map evacuation plans. Employees review and complete forms while onsite at the applicant's location, improving productivity and turnaround times for underwriting. Increased employee morale and “time back” for the inspector are among the other benefits of the OnBase Loss Control Field Solution.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for expensive air cards traditionally required to access or input information by providing access to information, documents and forms while off network
  • Built for modern platforms such as the tablet PC
  • Instant, anywhere, anytime access to critical business information


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