Property & Casualty Insurance

The digital property & casualty company
Hyland Software is a leading provider of world class enterprise content management solutions for the property & casualty insurance industry.

Our solution, OnBase, combines integrated document management, workflow management, business process management, and records management into a single application. OnBase manages digital content (scanned documents, faxes, print streams, application files, electronic forms, web content, multi-media files, emails and industry standard files such as ACORD XML).

OnBase also provides organizations with the ability to automate business processes, reduce the time and cost of performing important business functions, improve organizational efficiency, and address the need for regulatory compliance through the management, control, and sharing of digital content with employees, business partners, customers, and other constituencies.

OnBase provides a competitive advantage through streamlined processes, reduced costs, increased internal controls, audit assistance, and improved customer service. OnBase Insurance Solutions enable customers of different sizes and characteristics to improve productivity levels by addressing specific document needs within each business area.

We integrate with Policy Administration and Claims Processing systems from leading providers like Guidewire, DuckCreek, CSC, and StoneRiver, as well as home-grown AS400 Mainframe systems.

Our extensive industry experience in meeting industry specific challenges, like security and compliance needs, is critical in driving added value to the partnership. We have experience with personal, commercial and specialty lines of business, as well as with many companies that manage high-volume new business, underwriting, and claims processing.

We have experience improving and streamlining the exchange of information with distribution channels enabling elements of self-service, providing point of sale and point of service capabilities.

OnBase Insurance Solutions at similar organizations have helped drive an increase of capacity of over 400% and in many cases provided significant reduction in operational costs. One insurance organization was able to take new business processing from what previously took 7 days down to less than one day by using the OnBase Insurance Solution. Our solutions have given companies the reputation of “faster payer of claims”. We have many examples of these types of real results, many of which were solutions that took less than 6 weeks to deploy.

OnBase is uniquely developed as a single robust software platform that is built, from the ground up, as a single point-and-click configurable solution. This approach puts the ease of use and design in the hands of insurance companies to minimize outside consulting and implementation costs. By leveraging a single platform approach, a standard methodology, and a sound architecture, insurers are able to quickly adopt and easily expand the tools to meet their business needs with a service-to-software ratio that is a fraction of most enterprise solutions.

New Business Processing
The OnBase Insurance Solution automates the capture of applications from the point of receipt, regardless of file format or origination.

ACORD Application Processing
OnBase captures data from ACORD forms to make ingesting and classifying ACORD applications a fully automated, controlled practice.

Agency Management
OnBase helps property and casualty insurers manage important distribution channel relationships by integrating with agency portals and automating tasks.

Claims Processing
With the ability to integrate with Claims Handling Systems (including Guidewire Claim Center, CSC, Accenture and homegrown AS400 Mainframe solutions), OnBase connects data and content, offering insurers fast and efficient claims processing.

Integration for Accenture DuckCreek
With OnBase, underwriters have instant access to information from within the Accenture DuckCreek interface, reducing the possibility of underwriting errors and speeding up new business processes.

Field Claims Adjuster App - Windows 8
Combine Windows 8 and OnBase to give field adjusters access to critical information like policy agreements, photos and notes, in real-time on mobile tablet devices.

Field Adjuster Solution
By offering mobile field adjusters the opportunity to interact with critical information anywhere, anytime - whether connected to a network or not - the OnBase Field Adjuster Solution empowers mobile workers to make confident business decisions.

Financial Management – Cash with App Solution
Accelerate new business processing with the OnBase Cash with App Solution

Integration for Guidewire ClaimCenter
OnBase integrates with Guidewire so claims adjusters instantly access claims and policy documents from the familiar Guidewire interface, reducing the number of steps and freeing the adjuster to perform other tasks.

Integration for Guidewire PolicyCenter
Integrating OnBase with Guidewire PolicyCenter extends the features of both systems for one powerful underwriting solution

When deployed across the enterprise, OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) expedites preparing insurance litigation materials, easily facilitating information sharing

Loss Control Field Solution
Empower mobile workers to be more effective and efficient while in the field with the OnBase Loss Control Field Solution

Product Development
OnBase ECM helps insurers to efficiently manage the work processes surrounding creation and implementation so that new products go to market faster

Enterprise Content Management