Recruiting & Selection


OnBase helps speed the hiring process from recruitment to offer letter
By capturing, storing, and routing applicant files electronically, OnBase frees recruiters from paper-based, manual processes, allowing recruiters to focus on finding the best candidates for open positions.

Captures and stores applicant information
OnBase captures and stores applications and resumes as they are received, whether it’s received by paper or electronically. With that applicant information centrally located, everyone on the HR team has access to all the information they need, when they need it, to make smarter hiring decisions.

And when OnBase is integrated with your Human Resources Information System (HRIS), access to all of your information becomes even easier. Now your employees never have to leave the HRIS to access OnBase. They can work in the system they already know and enjoy.

Routes information for quick decisions
After information is captured, OnBase electronically sorts and instantly distributes applications and resumes to the right staff. It can also assist with scheduling interviews and sending correspondence. This allows recruiters to spend more time identifying the best candidate for the job, and less time organizing paperwork and supporting documentation to begin the search in the first place.

Once you’ve chosen a candidate, OnBase creates consistent offer letters with document templates, routes them through approvals, and tracks changes by managers so your organization can get the offer letter out faster than the competition.

Provides visibility and security into the process
OnBase also provides visibility into the entire process, from recruitment to offer letter. Because hiring managers can easily access and review information in OnBase, they get a better understanding of which positions need to be filled, the applicants under consideration for those positions, and where recruitment stands in the process.

By alerting recruiters when there is information missing in a candidate’s electronic file, OnBase ensures the candidate’s application and other documentation is not lost in the process. And OnBase allows you to determine who can see applicant information, ensuring that you remain compliant throughout the process.