SPSS Predictive Analytics Enterprise

With this IBM® SPSS® Predictive Analytics Enterprise , you can apply statistical analysis, data mining, real-time scoring and decision
management to human capital management, evidence-based medicine, crime prediction and prevention, supply chain analysis and much more.
SPSS Predictive Analytics Enterprise includes a deployment framework for integrating predictive intelligence with business rules
and optimizing for operational decisions.

SPSS Predictive Analytics Enterprise offers the following features and benefits:

World-class IBM predictive analytics software in a single product

  • SPSS Statistics for in-depth statistical analysis and reporting
  • SPSS Modeler for predictive modeling and optimizing how rules and models drive operational decisions
  • SPSS Analytic Catalyst for finding patterns and relationships in big data with a browser
  • SPSS Analytic Server for accessing big data from sources such as Hadoop to broaden analytical possibilities
  • SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services with real-time scoring for centralizing, securing and automating analytical
    assets and providing up-to-the minute predictive scores for people and systems

Simplicity without sacrifice

  • Brings together the full set of predictive analytics and deployment capabilities needed to optimize decision-making at the point of impact
  • Includes a visual approach to predictive analytics to make it easier for business users and executives to use predictive intelligence in
    decisions made at all levels of the organization
  • Enables business managers to identify the factors that are influencing customers and their relationships without programming or deep statistical knowledge
  • Provides a depth and breadth of data access, manipulation and algorithms that meet the needs of business analysts, analytics professionals and data scientists
  • Offers system managers non-intrusive integration with operational systems to ease deployment

Open and integrated

  • Accesses virtually any data source, including Hadoop for big data, and format (structured and unstructured)
  • Integrates with IBM’s world-class business intelligence capabilities
  • Combines predictive analytics with business rules in multiple operational environments

Flexible deployment

  • Supports predictive intelligence for all different needs and sizes—from a line of business function to driving decisions across your enterprise
  • Scales for an analytical center of excellence or to infuse predictive intelligence into operational functions
  • Accommodates single or multiple lines-of-business functions more easily with deployment and configuration options designed to support multiple business use cases