The OnBase Cloud

As you consider your ECM options, a key question to ask is whether to manage your own infrastructure and software with on-premises servers, or to outsource it via a cloud solution. The answer depends on a variety of factors that will be unique to your organization.
At Hyland Software, a pioneer in the cloud-based ECM market, conversations around this question are nothing new. More than 500 organizations in 25 countries store millions of documents in the OnBase Cloud. Take a look through the resources below or contact us to discuss your specific needs.
The OnBase Cloud combines the full ECM functionality of OnBase with the flexibility, scalability and cost-benefits of the cloud
Learn how the OnBase Cloud can help your organization achieve its enterprise content management (ECM) goals
Discover how OnBase is deployed in the cloud and how it can benefit your organization’s enterprise content management (ECM) strategy
Discover how the OnBase Cloud manages security of a global network of enterprise content management (ECM) content, servers and data centers
Discover how OnBase Cloud users support compliance efforts by knowing exactly where their enterprise content management (ECM) information is located