OnBase: Mobile content management

OnBase makes your content available to the people who need it, wherever they are from almost any device or application. And now, it’s easier than ever for your information to find you – whether you’re on the road, have no Internet access or simply working at your desk.

With OnBase mobile access, users can instantly retrieve all the information they need, make business decisions, receive notifications and view dashboards of the status of the processes most important to them. OnBase introduces the capability to capture photos and complete and sign forms utilizing touch screen, allowing users to make decisions on the go.


Continue business processes without Internet connectivity
OnBase takes mobility a step further, providing offline access to those who need it. Take documents like contracts, process documentation and employee handbooks offline on your iPad to read when you have the time, without relying on an internet or network connection.

And, with the OnBase Briefcase, field workers have access to all the information they need, without any connection back to the office. They can retrieve, create and update documents, complete forms and upload photos all while offline. Once they’re back online, OnBase automatically synchronizes and reconciles all changes so your information stays up to date.


Access information from your everyday applications
Mobility isn't only about having quick access to information while on the go – it’s also important that this same information is instantly accessible when users are back in the office, too. OnBase seamlessly integrates the same processes, documents and data with the applications they use most, whether that’s Microsoft Outlook®, their ERP or home grown applications. When your mobile workers lay down their devices and log on to the network and the applications they use every day, they can pick up right where they left off.

Wherever you work – in the office, onsite or on a plane – OnBase comes with you, allowing work to continue no matter where you are.