Cognos Consumer Insight

 Cognos Consumer Insight is the only solution to leverage a broader business analytics environment by seamlessly connecting sophisticated packaged reporting and analysis to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and IBM SPSS predictive analytics. 

Cognos Consumer Insight enables you to:

  • Grow your business: Understand customer needs and target new offers and products to grow revenue by pinpointing different social channels and segments
  • Enhance your organization’s reputation: Evaluate your corporate reputation and make evidence-based messaging decisions to target key influencers
  • Improve your customer experience: Respond more quickly with accurate, timely and relevant insight into customer requests, to ensure a consistent brand experience across all channels 

Affinity Relationships
Cognos Consumer Insight enables you to analyze the relationship between any two dimensions or any two attributes within a dimension by measuring the degree of affinity between them. Affinity refers to how closely one dimension is related to another.

For example, you would expect comments about seasonal merchandise such as skiing equipment to be more frequent during the winter months. You would also expect such comments to be more common in regions that have ski resorts. Thus, there would be an affinity between the attributes of date and region. But if the affinity was noticeably stronger in one region over another, it might indicate the success of a marketing program for a particular brand of skiing equipment, which focused on that specific region.

With more than 20 years of natural language processing research, IBM supports multi-lingual sentiment analysis that measures the tone and intent of large volumes of conversations across multiple social media channels.

Sentiments indicate whether a particular consumer comment is positive, negative, neutral or ambivalent. The terms in the sentiment are compared with specific sentiment and blocker terms that are added in the administration portal, so even popular slang terms can be included for your analysis.

Bar charts enable you to view the sites that contain the highest number of positive or negative snippets and you can identify the most influential online voices by analyzing snippets based on the media sources from which they are retrieved.

Evolving topics
Evolving topics group conversations occurring in social media that you might not be aware are happening. Clustering analysis is used to group related keywords that appear frequently within the snippets and they can provide a logical summary of the discussions in the data. Cognos Consumer Insight determines which snippets share the same terms and then derives topics from these terms.

For example, the top four keywords observed within a group of snippets that mention a particular sports shoe might be “football,” “soccer,” “World Cup,” and “South Africa.” These keywords suggest that the product was frequently discussed in the context of the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa. Evolving topic analysis allows you to follow trends and common discussion topics across time periods and in reference to related keywords.