IBM SPSS Statistics is one of the most accessible statistics software in the market, enabling organizations to apply mathematical discipline to their decision-making. Statistics can give you confidence in the results and final outcomes of decisions.

IBM SPSS Statistics is comprehensive, easy to use, set of statistical tools that accelerate and simplify the entire analytical processes - giving the users the flexibility and access to powerful analytical techniques for conducting analysis efectively.

With IBM SPSS Statistics, researchers and analysts can rely on a powerful technology that provides a full scope of statistical and analytical capabilities:

  • Customized functionality and custom interfaces for different skill levels and functional responsibilities of business users, analysts and statisticians
  • Provides faster performance and more accurate results, compared to non-statistical, spreadsheet-type software
  • Works with all common data types, external programming languages, operating systems and file types with flexible deployment options

Key benefits of using IBM SPSS Statistics:

  • Multiple interfaces to key functions provide flexible access to a depth of analytical power
  • Comprehensive set of statistical tools enables the right statistical capability at the right time
  • Multiple deployment capabilities make the most of analytical resources

With more than a dozen fully integrated modules to choose from, you can find the specialized capabilities you need to increase revenue, outperform competitors, conduct research and make better decisions.

What's New in IBM SPSS Statistics 22

Here's a look at the features and techniques you'll find in SPSS Statistics 22. They're designed to help you make data-driven decisions anytime, anywhere; build more accurate models, get analytical results faster and work faster and more productively.

View interactive output on smart devices

Take your SPSS Statistics charts and tables wherever you go and make decisions anytime, anywhere. Now view output on the following platforms and devices without a dedicated SmartReader or other application:

  • Windows, Mac and Linux desktop environments
  • iPod, iPhone and iPadAndroid phones and tablets (versions 2.1 and above)
  • Windows 8 devices
Generate presentation-ready output quickly and easily

Making your SPSS Statistics output ready for presentation is easier than ever.

  • Select and modify objects within a table.
  • Apply colors to columns or rows (including gradation across rows/columns) to emphasize key findings.
  • Change the color, font, size, background color and other table text attributes.
  • Use conditional styling to highlight selected cell(s) based on the value or significance values of tests.
  • Index, hide, show or delete table objects.
  • Apply a Table Look to a table.
Improve model building using Monte Carlo simulation

Monte Carlo simulation is enhanced to help you build more accurate predictive models when inputs are uncertain, including:

  • Simulating Strings – SPSS Statistics supports fitting a categorical distribution to a string field in the active dataset, enabling non-numeric variables to be used in simulations.
  • Support for Automated Linear Modeling (ALM)  – Export a model from ALM and use it as the starting point for a simulation.
  • Heat Maps – Generate heat maps automatically when displaying scatterplots in which the target or the input, or both, are categorical.
  • Association between categorical inputs – Automatically determine and use associations between categorical inputs when generating data for those inputs.
  • Compute a multiway contingency table for all inputs that are fit to a categorical distribution and use that table when generating data for those inputs.
  • Generating data in absence of a predictive model – Specify which variables you want to simulate and either fit them to the active dataset or manually specify their distributions.

Get better performance and scalability using SPSS Statistics Server

SPSS Statistics Server includes SQL pushback to help you make the best use of your existing IT infrastructure. Now you can perform data transformations without moving data into and out of the proprietary format, helping you conserve resources, deliver results faster and reduce overall IT costs. Other SPSS Statistics Server updates include:

Simplify custom programming

We've added features to make programming in SPSS Statistics easier than ever:

Do more work in less time

SPSS Statistics 22 includes productivity enhancements to help you work faster and more efficiently:


IBM SPSS Statistics Standard Edition - Fundamental Analytical Capabilities of a Wide Variety of Business and Research Questions

The core statistical procedures business managers and analysts need to address fundamental business and research questions. 
This software provides tools that allow users to quickly view data, formulate hypotheses for additional testing, and carry out procedures to clarify relationships between variables, create clusters, identify trends and make predictions.

IBM SPSS Statistics Professional Edition - Tools to Address the Challenges of the Entire Analytic Life Cycle

Go beyond the core statistical capabilities offered in the Standard Edition to address issues of data quality, data complexity, automation and forecasting.
It is designed for users who perform many types of in-depth and non-standard analyses and who need to save time by automating data preparation tasks.

IBM SPSS Statistics Premium Edition - An "all-in-one' Edition Designed for Enterprise Businesses with Multiple Advanced Analytics Requirements

This edition helps data analysts, planners, forecasters, survey researchers, program evaluators and database marketers – among others – to easily accomplish tasks at every phase of the analytical process. It includes a broad array of fully integrated Statistics capabilities and related products for specialized analytical tasks across the enterprise.

The software will improve productivity significantly and help achieve superior results for specific projects and business goals.

SPSS Statistics Family Comparison

IBM SPSS Statistics puts the power of advanced statistical analysis in your hands. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced statistician, its comprehensive set of tools will meet your needs.


IBM SPSS Statistics Base
Be confident of your analytical results with a wide range of procedures and tests to solve your business and research challenges.

IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics
More accurately analyze complex relationships using powerful univariate and multivariate analysis, including Generalized Linear Mixed Model.

IBM SPSS Bootstrapping
Create more reliable models that generate the most accurate results for your important projects.

IBM SPSS Categories
Reveal under lying relationships in categorical data through perceptual maps with powerful optimal scaling and dimension reduction techniques.

IBM SPSS Complex Samples
Design, analyze, and interpret non-random surveys more easily, and accurately study populations.

IBM SPSS Conjoint
Increase your understanding of customer preferences to more effectively design products and services using powerful multivariate techniques.

IBM SPSS Custom Tables
Effectively communicate even the most complicated results in a presentation-ready tabular format by using a highly intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

IBM SPSS Data Preparation
Improve the data preparation process by using specialized techniques to prevent outliers from skewing results.

IBM SPSS Decision Trees
Create visual classification to find specific subgroups and relationships in your data that you might not uncover using more traditional statistics.

IBM SPSS Direct Marketing
Easily identify the right customers and improve campaign results with this analytical toolkit.

IBM SPSS Exact Tests
More accurately work with small samples and analyze rare occurrences in large databases.

IBM SPSS Forecasting
Improve your forecasts by analyzing historical information and predicting trends using powerful time-series analysis.

IBM SPSS Missing Values
Overcome missing data issues and take appropriate action for more valid conclusions.

IBM SPSS Neural Networks
Discover complex hidden relationships in your data, using multilayer perception or radial basis function procedures.

IBM SPSS Regression
More accurately predict behaviour or events when you go beyond the assumptions of ordinary linear regression techniques.