Text Analytics

IBM® SPSS® Text Analytics for Surveys categorizes responses and integrates results with other survey data for better insight and statistical

  • Automates the categorization process to eliminate the time and expense of manual coding.
  • Uses linguistics-based technologies to reduce the ambiguities of human language, helping you uncover patterns in the attitudes,
    beliefs and opinions of others.
SPSS Modeler Professional
Conduct Sentiment Analysis Through Powerful Text Link Analysis IBM SPSS Modeler Premium enables you to automatically detect customer or citizen sentiment through clear visualization of relationships between their sentiments and your products and services, so that you can use these insights to improve service delivery, as well as product and program development.
IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys
Automatically extract key concepts to unlock full value of survey responses IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys is designed to analyze open-ended text responses and easily integrate with other quantitative data such as demographics and transactions for richer analysis. Pre-built categories can automatically distinguish positive and negative statements, identify major themes and reveal hidden patterns without the drudgery associated with manual coding.